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How do you design a fluidics system that can accurately dispense a wide variety of liquid ingredients ranging in dose-volume from fractions of a milliliter to multiple liters in an efficient way with the same pumping modality? This was the tough development challenge B. Braun...

Here's a truism about medical devices: It's impossible to design an application that handles fluids and expect not to have to address the trouble with bubbles. They're a bit like taxes: They're unavoidable, but with advance planning you can minimize the impact. This is the second...

Last December, the FDA issued a Class I recall for the Alaris Pump module, which delivers medicine intravenously into a person's body. A Class I recall is issued in situations where a malfunctioning device could cause injury or death to a person. The problem with the...

Over the past year I’ve gotten hooked on two-wheeled commuting. Not the human powered kind, the small two-stroke engine powered kind, a moped. My newly acquired love for this mode of transport actually took me a bit by surprise as I had never been a...

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