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As we wrap up our 4th blog post and head toward AACC2019 in Anaheim, CA we have a few more thoughts to share with you regarding “smarter healthcare”.  We are looking forward to continuing the conversation at the meeting so please reach out to us...

It’s thrilling to bring new materials and technologies to life in products that have a real impact. We’re creating new devices across the continua of discovery and development, diagnostics, drug delivery, and monitoring. And we are leveraging sophisticated data tools to make the devices themselves...

We are delighted to announce that Key Tech is now a 100% employee-owned company accomplished through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). This comes on the heels of a landmark year in 2018, where we celebrated 20 years in business and had our best year...

Once, the earth was flat…and disease was defined by the organ in which it was thought to originate…and (lest we forget)…cancer cells did not circulate. Only some of this is ancient history. A few weeks ago over coffee, Caroline Popper (Popper & Co) and I had a...

A few weeks ago over coffee, Caroline Popper (Popper & Co) and I had a fascinating conversation about the path toward "Smarter Healthcare".  This post is the first in a series of four that arise from that conversation and are informed by our careers working...

(Take-aways from: Precision Medicine World Conference 2019, Molecular Med Tri-Con 2019, and MedExec Women) The Precision Medicine industry is rocketing along with tremendous scientific advances and dynamic business models, representing the promise of better healthcare at lower cost. Key Tech works heavily across this industry, and...

Reliability engineering is often thought of as an exercise undertaken when a product is far enough along to be ready for manufacturing.  Conversely, it’s always helpful to ask early on:  Is the promise of your technology linked to high reliability in its mature product form? ...

A medical device should work like a clock: simple on the surface while built on a complex collection of interdependent moving parts, from sensors to software, all working together in harmony. Getting from an initial idea to a finished product isn't straightforward. Complex challenges inevitably...

Supporting the careers of young engineers is important to us at Key Tech. After all, they’re one of the reasons working here is so much fun. And we’re especially passionate about aiding efforts to boost the number of women in our profession. That’s why we were...

Every challenge is different – Tell us about yours.