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Energy harvesting is a technology that gathers tiny wattages of power from hidden sources such as motion, temperature or vibration. It can generate enough kinetic energy to run your wristwatch and sufficient piezoelectric energy to sparkle your child’s light-up shoes. Modern energy harvesting technology took off...

If you keep your design simple, you can build a prototype almost as fast as you can do the math to predict how it's going to work. For that reason, it's important to get a functioning model in-hand as quickly as possible. That means identifying which...

It only took 4 days for the 2014 Fifa World Cup’s newest high tech toy to be put on display. During the France –Honduras game, French player Karim Benzema’s shot bounced off one of the goalposts and began to skip across the goal mouth....

On June 5, Venus passed between the Earth the sun causing a rare celestial event. This event caught some of us at Key Tech by surprise, and at the same time we felt the need to see this event that will not happen again until...

I recently published a short article in the IEEEGOLDrush newsletter (June 2009, p. 15) about what differentiates successful projects from those that struggle for attention. The defining characteristic is market need....

When environmental compliance is a design goal early in the development process, these and many other opportunities exist to create innovative products with green footprints. On this Earth Day, consider how your next product could be made more environmentally sound with some green design...

Geeks and Greeks rejoice - March 14th is Pi Day (3.14) - a day to celebrate the mathematical constant that seems to find it's way into all things geometric. If you're so inclined, you can learn a bit more about Pi (the constant), rent a...

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