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Sensors are one of life’s unsung heroes: ubiquitous in machinery of all kinds, yet virtually unnoticed unless they light an alarm or malfunction. Think of the warning lights in your car that let you know your tire pressure or brake fluid is low. You may...

In an age when office mates bridge the 10 foot communication chasm between their desks with email and text messages, Key Tech actively recruits engineers and designers that enjoy and excel at the lost art of face-to-face communication....

Early in July, Key Tech hosted our annual crab feast on a farm north of Baltimore. This event started more than a decade ago when the company had less than 10 employees, and now hosts nearly 100 employees (current, past, and future), family, friends,...

There are many ways to lose focus developing a new product, especially with so many people involved and so much at stake. By taking a disciplined approach, one can avoid many of the common pitfalls that cost money and cause delays....

Early stage gates in the pipeline should examine risk – technical risk, market risk, manufacturing risk, regulatory risk, supply chain risk, etc. A well managed pipeline has procedures in place to identify areas of risk and prioritize the risk for further assessment and evaluation. The...

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