Event Update- Bioelectronic Medicine Forum

Abbie Shoemaker recently attended the 2020 Bioelectronic Medicine Forum online. One of the key takeaways from the webinar was how the Covid-19 outbreak has spurred bioelectronic medicine companies to quickly pivot from doctor’s office administered therapy devices into home-use devices where users are empowered to deliver therapy at home when they need it. Wearable device development is a great fit for Key Tech, combining our strengths of designing complex electronics with a user-friendly form factor and experience. Here are some lessons Abbie learned from taking one of the newly converted webinar events. As an attendee look for events with shorter segments scheduled. It is helpful to have breaks between speakers where you can step away from the screen to stretch out and get a mental break. If the events are scheduled closely together ask for a video conferencing link as well as a phone link so you can move away from your computer but still listen to presentations. For those scheduling upcoming events instead of having a one-day event consider scheduling the event with shorter blocks over multiple days to increase participation. What lessons have you learned from the recent transition to online events?

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