Reflections on the Inaugural Baltimore Grand Prix

If you’ve been following our blog, you know that the excitement for the Baltimore Grand Prix had been building at Key Tech for some time.  For a group so focused on science and engineering, it’s easy to understand our anticipation.  This past Labor Day weekend marked the inaugural race, and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

Let me start by saying that you must see a race like this in person to fully appreciate it.  Between the crowds buzzing with excitement, the deafening roar of 650 hp engines revving over 10,000 RPM, and IndyCars reaching close to 200MPH along the Inner Harbor, no amount of TV coverage or photography can truly capture how awesome this event is.  According to reports, 75,000 people experienced it first-hand, making the Baltimore Grand Prix the most successful inaugural street race in the US in 30 years.

To enjoy the event, Key Tech booked a room right on the race track at the InterContinental Harbor Court.  We had a great view of the 180° Turn 3, and the straight-aways leading into and away from it.  Not only could we hear the cars scream down the track, we really got a sense of how fast they are and their acceleration/deceleration capabilities.  We were even able to get track-side from the hotel’s courtyard.  Very cool!

Several Key Techers were fortunate enough to take behind-the-scenes tours with a few of the racing teams.  Team engineers were on hand to answer all of our nerdy questions, and some drivers were around as well.  The teams were very engaging and receptive to questions, so a big thanks to HVM Racing, KV Racing Technology, and AJ Foyt Racing for their hospitality.

So despite the inconveniences caused by months of construction and random road closures, we’re looking forward to the return of the Baltimore Grand Prix.  Join us next year when the streets of Baltimore are again transformed into a 2-mile race track and experience some truly impressive engineering!

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